Stories sell! Humorous Stories Really Sell!

Welcome to my homepage. If you're here, you're looking for a freelance writer.  As you browse through the site I hope to convince you that my creative story telling skills are right for your needs. I write stories for web content, case histories, blog posts, articles, and video scripts that engage readers and motivate them to read on. Every word I write is designed to captivate readers in a story about your product or service that entertains and motivates them to take action. My clients also hire me to write speeches and training courses because they want to use humor to get their message across. 

Please take a look at the samples of MY WORK and see if my skills fit your needs. If we work together, we will have fun creating unique stories that sell your product or service.

That is my guarantee.

Francis Bennett

Francis Bennett


What My Clients Say About Me

If you need some serious work done and need it to be well done, in fact very well done - Francis is the right person! Amazing work as usual. His ability to take complex requests and simplify them and deliver high quality work is rare!
— Nanduawatramani, NARA Hospitality Business Consultants, Mumbai, India
Frank is clearly a talented and witty writer but beyond that he also took the time to deeply understand what I was trying to achieve for my project and essentially hit it out of the park with the results. If I had a similar project in the future I would absolutely hire him again.
— Matt L, Harvard YPO Program
Frank did a wonderful job! Great concept. It was very helpful and can be applied to our daily lives. We will attempt to put it to use.
— Jim Wong, McDonald’s Corporation
Francis is very proactive and creative. He is able to create great articles with as little information as ‘we need something interesting about..., do you have any ideas?’ Work is always delivered on time even if it is a last minute request. We are very satisfied with his work and will continue using his services on an ongoing basis.
— Sasha Kader, Founder & Managing Director, Lionique Ltd., London, UK
Excellent work! I was very pleasantly surprised by his creative approach to writing about a very difficult topic.
— George Ritacco, Global Vision Technologies
Trail Blazer Magazine,
Frank Bennett is my favorite column every month. What great ‘life lessons’ he teaches us, and what a great thing to be able to learn from a great teacher.
— Lou Rogers, Santa Barbara, California