Frank is clearly a talented and witty writer but beyond that he also took the time to deeply understand what I was trying to achieve for my project and essentially hit it out of the park with the results. If I had a similar project in the future I would absolutely hire him again.
— Matt L, Harvard YPO Program
Frank did a wonderful job. Great concept. It was very helpful and can be applied to our daily lives. I will attempt to put it to use.
— Jim Wong, McDonald’s Corporation
My project was complicated, but Bennett managed to take it apart a piece at a time. Once he did that, he began to rebuild it with professionalism, passion, and with an extreme attention to the deadlines that I initially proposed. This guy knows what he is doing!
— Alex H. WhiteCat
Excellent work! I was very pleasantly surprised by his creative approach to writing about a very difficult topic.
— George Gritacco, FAMcare
Frank is a great writer and very knowledgeable about the food and beverage industry. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for quality work.
— Spencer Stahl, InPro Restaurant Network
Excellent Job! Look forward to working with Francis all year round!
— Nara Hospitality Business Consultants, India
I was selected for an interview that is only offered to 25 people out of 300 applicants and can honestly say that it was the cover letter and resume that Francis created that secured it for me. Although I am qualified and a perfect candidate, I don’t believe I would have gotten an interview without his input, editing, and creative flair. He was able to transform my resume from a standard and ordinary one to an eye catching, unique resume that my interviewer actually commented on. I am extremely happy with the results.
— Heather Hellman, Mineola, New York
Version 2 was very good. The story went jab, jab, upper cut, throw in the towel. Good stuff!
— Dan Z.
Thank you for so creatively presenting an exercise that is meaningful to all of us and relates well to
leadership and our experiences in working with others.
— Laura Hois, McDonald’s Corporation
Frank is great! He was timely, thorough and very helpful. He is highly recommended!!
— Kendrick Smith
Easy to work with. Excellent work.
— Chris Evans, GSPIshows
Frank Bennett was a featured presenter at the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) in Los Angeles in 2004. Here is what they said about his work:

“No matter what type of organization you are in, you decide for yourself how you approach others and what kind of leadership style you project. If you want first-hand experience of a new way of leading that is founded on trust and honest communication, then this pre-conference program may be the most important step you take.
— Reprinted from the International Business Communication Conference Brochure