June 21st 2014
Pursley Road, Mill Hill, NW7 2BB London, UK

Halusky is proud to announce that we will be the main sponsor of the World Cup by Slovakia Cup on June 21st at Mill Hill, Pursley Rd., London.  These matches will coincide with the FIFA World Cupbeginning in Brazil on June 12th. At the World Cup the English team will play Italy on June 14th, Uruguay on June 19th, and Costa Rica on the 24th.

In the midst of the World Cup fever that will envelope England, the Slovakia Cup Football Leaguewill hold its own 'World Cup' football tournament right here at home and Halusky will be there to feed the teams and fans alike.

Two hundred and sixty-five million male and female players, in addition to five million referees and officials, making a grand total of two hundred and seventy million people  (or four per cent of the world's population) are actively involved in the game of football.  The UK is home to one thousand nine hundred non-league clubs alone. Football is a world-wide phenomenon that, along with the rest of the world, will hold London's attention tightly in its grasp during the matches in Rio.

When your football fever is at its height during World Cup, drop by the matches at Mill Hill to slack your fever with a feisty 'live' match between local clubs. These World Cup matches will be hosted by the Slovakia Cup League and the Tatran team. The competitive spirit of the thirty teams that play Slovakia Cup Football will make you feel like you're in Rio, but you saved the plane fare and hotel expense.

The Slovakia Cup teams represent every section of London, and many of the surrounding towns and villages. PAPAJBANAN - STAFFLINE TEAM - SENICA - OLD EAGLES - PRECIZA UNITED occupy the top five rankings for the 2013/2014 season. However, PARTIZAN, MATTEO CUCINA TEAM, LIPTOV, ENGERAU, and FC DONNY are not far behind, and intend to close the gap during the World Cup matches. Even if you have never been to a Slovakia Cup football match on Pursley Road in Mill Hill, you will quickly find a team to root for and celebrate with at the end of the day.

Neighbourhood pride and sectional loyalty fuel a spirit of competition among the fans of Slovakia Cup football much like the fierce nationalism that burns in the hearts of FIFA World Cup Football fans. The competitive spirit builds as the matches progress and the fans develop a party spirit as the good-natured fun is shared by all.

There are no strangers at Slovakia Cup football. As soon as you pick your team, you are one of them. You will root and celebrate and suffer with your new found friends as if you had spent your entire life rooting for the same team.

"I'm not married yet, and don't presently have a girlfriend to speak of," a lad told me at the Halusky table during the Slovakia Cup matches in April. "It's hard for me to go out and socialise alone. I find myself staying in rather than going out to a pub or restaurant among strangers. But then I found these football matches here in Mill Hill. I realised I knew a player on the Partizan team so I decided to root for them. In ten minutes I met four people who immediately took me in and we rooted and partied together for the rest of the day. That's why I love these matches in Mill Hill. I must have made twenty friends here by now and I actually have a whole social life because I dropped in one day."

If you can't make it to Rio this year, drop in at the World Cup by Slovakia Cup at the pitches on Pursley Road in Mill Hill. Whether you experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat, you will be an important part of the celebration.