31 August, 2014

31 August, 2014

SLOVAKIA CUP - Jesen 2014

“Football is one of the world’s best means of communication. It is impartial, apolitical and universal. Football unites people around the world every day. Young or old, players or fans, rich or poor, the game makes everyone equal, stirs the imagination, makes people happy and makes them sad." ~  Franz Beckenbauer...the greatest German footballer of all time is proud to announce our sponsorship of the fall Slovakia Cup Football matches on Saturday, September 13 at the Powerleague pitches on Pursley Road in Mill Hill. The fall Czech-Slovak “kick about” is now a classic event with 32 teams participating for the coveted Slovakia Cup.

THE TOURNAMENT: The draw was held on Thursday, August 14 and was streamed live on, the Internet TV from the UK for Czechs & Slovaks living abroad. The teams were seeded into 8 groups of 4 behind the deployment teams, Papaya Banana, Old Eagles, Guerrilla, Matteo Team Cucina, Senica, Jumping Ant, Engerau, and Robo-Kop.

If you are already a fan of Slovakia Cup football, you will enjoy the sporting mix that resulted. Skupina A, for example, pits Old Eagles against London Bulldogs, sets Partizan against FC Hello Kitties, C combines Papajbanan and Dirty Dancing, and Mateo Cucina Team and Top Gun Team will go at it in group E. The longer all 32 teams in this Czech and Slovak football league play together the more fans they attract and the more spirited the competition.


“The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.” ~ Phil Woosnam...Welsh football player and manager

Lucozade Powerleague Mill Hill is one of the largest football centers in London containing 14 state-of-the-art 5G floodlit all- weather pitches with the latest generation rubber crumb playing surfaces. 5-A-SIDE is small-sided football that is fast and competitive. The penalty area is semi-circular in shape, only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball within it, and he or she may or may not be allowed out. Goalkeepers are only allowed to give the ball out to another player through hands. The goal keeper may only kick the ball if it is in the course of making a save. There are no offside rules. Headers are not allowed. Yellow cards may result in the offending player being sent to the “sin bin” for a pre-determined length of time. Red cards work the same way as the 11-a-side game. Charging/sliding tackles are awarded a yellow card.

If you're a football fan, but have never attended a 5-A-SIDE match, you can probably imagine how exciting the game can be played under the rules above.


 “A football team is like a beautiful woman. When you do not tell her, she forgets she is beautiful.” ~ Arsene Wenger...manager of Arsenal

“Some people think futbol is a matter of life and death. I’m very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more important than that.” ~  Bill Shankly...former manager of Liverpool

“I know it sounds awful, but it just hit me half-way through my stag night that I’d rather be going to the match with the lads than marrying Nicola.” ~ Dirty Dancing fan ...cancelling his wedding to watch Slovakia Cup

The entire team at invites all football fans to join us on September 13 at the Powerleague pitches in Mill Hill for a complete day of football, fan frenzy, food, and fun.

31 August, 2014