It's High Time - Nonprofits on Social Media

Our friend Frank is an internet content writer working for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. He shared some insight with us, and we'd like to share with you. Here's what he had to say:

 Three years ago the trend in for-profit content began to shift away from lists of product features and advantages to stories about customers who had used the product or service. Creatively written case histories became king of most for-profit content writing. In addition, more and more of this creative content began to be written for, and placed on, social networks. 

 Nonprofits have been experimenting with mobile and social networks for years. I have noticed, however, that they do not fully understand how social networks are different from traditional online communications and fundraising. 

       §  Nonprofits continue to make the same mistake of being slaves to         their traditional message and image. 

§  They do not know how to use storytelling to make their brand synonymous with the causes they advocate.

§  On social networks, storytelling can be in the form of blogs, videos, photos, or stats but only one in five should be a direct ask or fundraising pitch.

§  They often forget that they are not selling a person; they are trying to build awareness of, and confidence in, a brand. To build a non-profit brand on social networks it is important to establish your brand as an expert resource through compelling storytelling.

§  Few nonprofits create enough quality content to have an impact when utilizing multiple social networks. Regular posting should be the primary mission of the media manager.

§  Nonprofits are not as aware as their for-profit compatriots that most content is now being viewed on a smartphone or tablet. Constantly viewing their content on a mobile device will illustrate to nonprofits how effective visuals are for content delivery on mobile devices.

§  How often should a nonprofit post on social media? It all depends on how creative your content writer is. Nonprofits must develop a staff of creative social media professionals to insure that their message is always active and effective. 

 Remember, storytelling is king, and compelling stories can best be told on social networks through the use of pointed blogs, photos, and videos. 

Social media marketing is a new profession, and Frank suggests that you hire a professional. 


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