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The purpose of this weekly blog is to stimulate thought and discussion about the topics that affect the entire social services sector. Even though our blog appears here on the FAMCare site, it is not our intention to inform you about our products in this space. However, every now and then, FAMCare does provide the perfect solution to a problem the social services sector is faced with. 


Agency managers, whether governmental or non-profit, are required to collect data on their agency's activities and outcomes. This data is collated and interpreted for a variety of reasons: 

§  Periodic reporting requirements to government agencies. 

§  Measuring an agency's efficiency. 

§  Identifying, tracking, reporting, and measuring positive outcomes. 

§  Reporting successful outcomes to outside funding sources. 

§  Reporting progress to employees for motivation. 

§  Track progress toward agency-identified milestones. 

§  Evaluating case load turnover. 

§  Designing timely corrective action for impending sub-par results. 

§  Assessing staffing needs. 

These are just a few of the purposes that agency managers find for timely and accurate data collection about ongoing diverse agency activities. 


Most agencies don't have the capability to collect and interpret data about how their strategy and execution is working in the real world. They are unable to extract timely data that tells them whether their programs and services are trending toward success. 


FAMCare reporting tools include customizable dashboards, summation tables, and filtering tools that provide important data points without having to run a report.

 FAMCare includes 5 different types of reporting tools that allow you to export data into various formats, such as EXCEL, CSV, and PDF. 

 FAMCare provides a large variety of quick reports configured to pull your data into a table or a chart as needed. 

 In short, FAMCare provides the busy manager with timely, insightful information about how the agency is progressing each day toward its goals. 


If you are a non-profit agency manager who is struggling to communicate your needs to your funding sources, you must try FAMCare. 

 If you are managing a large governmental social services agency and your annual budget cycle is a nightmare of misunderstanding and ignorance, FAMCare may be your only hope. 

 If you find it impossible to motivate your case workers because you're never sure if they're doing a good job, utilize FAMCare to provide timely data on positive outcomes. It's too late to pat them on the back when they're telling you they have accepted a position with another agency. 

 If you're struggling to improve your agency's workflow because you don't really know what goes wrong during the processing of a case, your new FAMCare software solution identifies bottlenecks such as: duplicate reporting, unnecessary contacts, missed meetings, inaccurate reports, and where and why cases stop progressing toward successful outcomes. 


Until very recently, social service managers had no access to actionable information. Most of what they surmised about the success or failure of their agency was historic, after-the-fact measurement of nebulous goals. In fact, social service managers had few effective management tools. 

 Suddenly, FAMCare Rapid Case Management has made sophisticated management information available to agency managers on a real time basis. A software solution of this capability is no longer a luxury reserved for big agencies, but is a must for all professionally managed agencies. You cannot manage without information.

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