The Brotherhood of Man


The Brotherhood of Man

Too much negative news. The media trades in the sensational to achieve ratings and sell advertising. The constant negative bias, however, was making me angry and suspicious, so I started keeping a diary of the human behavior I was witnessing in my daily life. My Salvation, I realized, would be in noticing these little moments.


  • A jogger stops to help a homeless woman lift her shopping cart onto the curb.
  • A hospice nurse at the Mayo clinic replaces the flower in a dying lady's bud vase because smell is her only active sensation.
  • Students from a poor rural school collect donated winter coats in front of the local supermarket and give them to Indian children freezing on the Hopi Reservation.
  • After pulling over a car riding on bald tires, a police officer has the car follow him to the tire store and buys the poor people new tires with his own money rather than writing them a ticket.
  • Bent over with arthritis, a 90-year-old man refuses help when slowly pushing his wife's wheelchair onto the patio to give her fresh air.
  • A humble man from Omaha leaves the world's largest fortune to charity. 
  • A man leaving the beach in Miami gives his flip flops to a barefoot homeless girl.
  • A man going through a car wash spontaneously pays for the car wash behind him only to learn when he returns two weeks later that the car wash is still being paid forward.
  • A woman leaves change in the coin slots of a laundromat washer for the homeless man waiting to use the machine after her.
  • A couple puts money into a disabled homeless man’s bag while he sleeps on the NYC subway.


If you stop to notice, you can experience the brotherhood of man happening all around you. When you notice kindness, take a picture of it with your cellphone or jot a note. You will be amazed at the transformation that occurs when you look at your picture gallery or review your jottings periodically. Inner balance is restored.

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